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The Childcare Enrichment Program
We fill the empty hours before and after school

The JCPS/YMCA Childcare Enrichment Program (C.E.P) fills the empty hours before and after school. At C.E.P, every project is carefully designed to activate your kids’ imaginations and encourage lifelong, positive values. Every discovery strengthens their self-confidence and, in turn, the relationship they have with you. This progression is at the heart of our philosophy — good child care must be good family care.

For example, our program for school-age kids is an excellent way to make sure they stay motivated before or after school. Your kids can exert all kinds of energy as they join in themed, educational projects and try different sports. They learn what teamwork is all about in a safe, constructive environment that focuses more on fair play than the scoreboard. Solid, core values such as caring, honesty, respect and responsibility incorporated into every activity and reinforce the emotional foundation which you’ve already established. Consider C.E.P for your kids. We’ll make sure they’re kept busy and that their creative spirit is constantly regenerated in interesting, exciting ways.

For More Information Contact:

School Age Child Care Services Branch, 637-1575

Jefferson County Public Schools, 485-3834

A partnership program between the YMCA of Greater Louisville and Jefferson County Public Schools.

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