Educational Institution

Subjects Studied

Honors Conferred

University of Kentucky

pre-med: majors biology I & II, zoology, microbiology, general chemistry I & II, organic chemistry, Honors Colloquia *,  mathematics—geometry, trigonometry, college algebra, Calculus I & II, physics communications, psychology, micro & macro-economics, accounting I & II, modern languages—fluent(speak, read, and write@ACTFL advanced levels) Spanish, French, & German

Dean’s List every semester—                  cum G.P.A.—3.97  Bachelor of Science cum laude

Eastern Kentucky University

computer technology, business administration, music, art, education

Dean’s List every semester—cum G.P.A.—4.00; Golden Key Honor Society

University of Phoenix

Education and Education Technology—Communication Strategies, Doctoral Program Orientation Seminar, Leadership Theories and Practice, Creative and Critical Thinking,  Social Contexts and Contemporary Issues, Developmental and Learning Theories, Educational Technology Research, Leadership in Contemporary Organizations, Distance Learning, Planning and Leading Change, Instructional Design, Doctoral Seminars I, II, & III, Doctoral Dissertation, Doctoral Project IV

Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership with a Specialization in Educational Technology


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